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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Multiple Domain Hosting And Reduce Your Hosting Costs

Multiple Domain Hosting offers you to buy a single hosting plan and to divide up your apportioned hard drive and bandwidth into parts that could be assigned to other domains. This allows you to pay for a single hosting plan but to host multiple web sites. How many domains and web sites you will be allowed to have with your multiple hosting account depends on the particular hosting plan. Speaking of multiple domains an additional caution is needed. Some hosts refer to multiple domain hosting as a possibility to have multiple domains all pointing to the same web site. This is used primarily to increase web site traffic. This practice can be harmful as search engines may penalize you for doing so. In order to avoid misunderstandings you should be completely sure what specific host means by 'multiple domain hosting' before making final decision.

By hosting multiple domains we understand the ability to have many domains hosted with one web hosting account.Generally you don't purchase a website you purchase a hosting account. In some cases this hosting account can only be used to host a single domain and hence a single website. In others the account can be used to host multiple domains and hence multiple websites.
There are of course both advantages and disadvantages of hosting several domains on a single hosting account.

The main advantage is, of course, the cost. Because domains are much cheaper than website hosting accounts choosing an account that offer multiple domain hosting is a far cheaper way of hosting multiple websites than purchasing a hosting account for each website.

Windows Web Hosting Provider

Microsoft windows server2012 R2 is the latest virtualized version but according to a report 61% of businesses are still using Windows server 2003, just 4 months before Microsoft pulls plug on support. An average of £40,000 per company has been set for Windows Server 2003 migration-related projects representing a multi-billion dollar opportunity for IT professionals. The survey says that 8% are intended to keep Windows Server 2003 but 72% are scared about compatibility factor to upgrade with other systems and services. Some 74% are confirmed to migrate to move to a virtualized environment naming Windows Server 2012 R2 as it is a latest version.

Windows next version: a two faced beast:

Windows Server has been worked to support running cloud services like Azure better and if anyone wants a private cloud then Microsoft provides both Windows Azure Pack to give IaaS hosting with cloud style subscriptions and fast VM installation.
  • Power Shell and DSC : Power Shell system allows user to write configurations once and automatically install and remains constant across multiple machines. DSC increases the running of entire cloud data centre with software defined networking which is used to monitor the network Quality of service.
  • Deep Re-factoring : It is the process for Windows Server vNext which delivers a layered architecture that introduces current concept of server roles into the OS to make it more modular. Lowest layer is the cloud optimized server that will be run by Azure. Top layer is the full server that user will use for an on-premise Windows server system.

Migration to cloud:

For migration to cloud user has two options which are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS (Product as a Service). IaaS is straight forward so user can establish a VM to the cloud provider of his choice, install IIS on that VM then migrate the web application from IIS server to the VM hosted in the cloud. This process is the same as user had used to migrate to a Server 2012 R2 server. The drawback of this method is that user has to remove all unwanted stuffs with the cloud hosted VM, which he had with the on-premises box.
PaaS is different from this. With the help of this, the cloud provider provides IIS hosting and user install his website to them. There is a responsibility of cloud provider to keep hosting platform and web app more secure. There are a number of third party vendors providing tools for migration. Anyone can reduce costs by migrating his website to a PaaS environment.

Cloud: a looming change in IT:

The new report has came after research named “The Great IT Upgrade”, which analyze the economic and technical field of end of life(EOL) on IT departments. Virtualization changed it powerfully. The VMs belonged to the departments that requested the project and are responsible for the existence. There should be one general price to provide the service of running application. The business value of the application should be scaled on the basis of incremental price for using resources.

Market survey:

According to the Web Server Survey, Responses are received from 878,346,052 sites and 5,192,428 web facing computers. Along with all major vendors suffering huge loss of hostnames in March, Microsoft has lost the whooping 8.0 million. It also has to suffer from small loss of market share due to increase in site with missing server banners. In terms of web facing computers, all popular server vendors have had absolute gains in this month. Microsoft is the largest gainer which broke its recent declining trends with 30% increase in market share.

Quality Personal Web Hosting Services

Quality web hosting is the todays demand and nobody wants to compromise it if he is paying for it so at cpwebhosting our mission is to provide you with the best features, reliable and quality web site hosting, the latest technology, fast and knowledgeable IT support, and the marketing advantages to make your small business successful. Cpwebhosting specializes in high quality business web hosting and quality personal web hosting services.

Best customer service is our motto means we consider it as a very important feature so and we do our best to deliver inexpensive and quality web hosting required by our customers. We will serve you with our best quality web site hosting services, regardless of your budget. We strive to offer the most affordable and secure web hosting packages.

We provide different hosting plans both for business and personal. cpwebhosting provides excellent business and personal web hosting packages specifically designed for each clients needs. Sign up for the cheap and quality business web hosting plans by cpwebhosting. Our quality web site hosting plan is equipped with a powerful system to give your business the most complete web site hosting solution in the industry.

So we offer best quality services.

Windows Hosting Provider

We are one of the prestigious company of the market the professional web hosting company cpwebhosting is the leading Windows hosting provider, we offer our respected clients the most affordable and secure Windows web hosting plans. Take advantage of our unique offer and sign up for the professional and low cost web hosting package.

We generally consider all kind of users cpwebhosting is targeted mainly to small, medium and large ecommerce companies, webmasters, web hosting resellers and self-employed individuals, who are searching for the affordable and quality Windows website hosting packages. We as the best Windows hosting provider guarantee you the professional and low cost Windows server hosting solutions.

Web hosting provider cpwebhosting is very proud to present to you our new advanced Windows server hosting packages. Every day our reliable hosting company tries to improve our Windows and ASP hosting plans. Low price and increasing quality of our reliable Windows server hosting services, we keep the individuality of touch to every our client. Choose the most suitable hosting package for your needs.

Criteria of Choosing an Ideal Web Hosting Company

Cpwebhosting provides a fast connection to the Internet and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers.
With Cpwebhosting hosting plans you will be free from worrying the up-keep of complicated server technology and proper technical maintenance. That is the main purpose of the cpwebhosting company. You should leave the technical work to cpwebhosting professionals while you focus on your own internet business.
Feature offered
The features that cpwebhosting are offering:
The followings are some of the features you\'ll see in most cpwebhosting plans:
  • H-sphere Control Panel
    It is an interface where you can access your site on the web server, allowing you to set-up and subsequently update and customize your web site. Though H-Sphere cPanel is by far the most popular control panel.
  • Disk space
    A vast majority of sites that don\'t have tons of graphics, sound and video clips or downloadable files easily fit in 50 MB of disk space. You should always leave yourself some room for growth or check if the host has a bigger plan in case you need to upgrade.
  • Bandwidth
    Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted or received through a unit of time. In web hosting, bandwidth is consumed when visitors make requests for files on your web site and download them to their personal computers.
  • Email Account
    With POP3 email accounts you can check email from Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora or any other Email software.
  • Scripting language
    As all our top 10 listings are using Unix and Linux platform, php, perl and CGI are the languages we are talking about here. It is best to choose a host that supports the latest version to maximize the latest web technologies for the fee that you pay.
  • Database
    If your web site is going to store a lot of data that should be dynamically accessible (like user accounts, stock prices, maps, Interactive news, message boards and forum etc.), you\'ll need to look for an account that offers a database. MySQL is a powerful and most popular database program that runs on the Linux operation system. It is able to handle million of entries all at once. Its flexibility and speed allow you to also store logs and pictures. MySQL is designed to scale well under heavy traffic conditions and is ideal for database-intensive or e-commerce-enabled Web sites.

How to choose a good Webhost

Everyday there are about thousands of websites being build .So as a consequence there are now thousands of web hosts around the globe today. How do people decide to choose you?
Potential customers will talk to friends; perhaps ask a local web design group; or consult their ISP (Internet Service Provider); but this may result in knowledge of only one or two hosting companies. There are hosting directories, and review sites which may be governed by whoever pays for the largest ad or personal opinions that seem popular. The visitor will still have to make the final decision.

If these visitors make their own decisions, and there are thousands of web hosts to choose from, there are very few seconds to deliver your offer, which must be instantly obvious. What can you do to turn this streaming traffic into sales?

First View The look of your web site
Are the design, content and delivery up to customer expectations? If the presentation has obviously been thought about; a conscientious effort to delivery and content; then it is likely the visitor will believe that the hosting company will also look after their site conscientiously. If the presentation is poor, then forget it, there are more than enough web hosts that look good. Of course, to the other extreme, if the web host's site looks a million dollars, it is likely that the visitor will be expecting to a pay a 'million' too!

The Initial Offers What are your best packages?
With the sudden growth of the web, the hosting industry has had to take a retail approach to content delivery. In the retail trade the offers are so many, that the customer has to learn to speed read, or speed view. Visitors to web hosting sites have not got the time to read all the details on each of every one of thousands of sites, so speed viewing is a must; or is it?

Web hosts who have nothing to sell usually hide this fact by showing columns of text, expecting the visitor to sort out what is good to them or not. The usual explanation for this is The visitor knows what they want and will find it without our hassling them. The expectation is that with less hassle the visitor will more likely become a customer. Not true.

Web hosts that have special offers, great deals, or offer specialized packages for say private, business or corporate customers; will tell you just that. Think about it, why hide the fact you have a winner? By taking a retail approach to a very retail business, the real deal makers are not 'backward in coming forward'.

Obviously making everything on the site an 'excellent' offer is the other extreme. Most web hosts offer 90% of what their competition offers, so to point out every good point offered would be overkill. The likely result would be that you would show the visitor that you are new to the industry, and less experienced; not good in times of future support.

By pointing out the great points in the best reasonable packages, you will catch the eye of the traffic, until previously, zooming past you

Moving Web Site to another Host

If you like some of the features to be added to your website which are not supported by your old host,or if you are experiencing problems with your current host, or maybe you need a company with a quality web site hosting service capable of helping you when something goes wrong. In all these situations you need to migrate your server to new server for your website. Moving your website from your current host to another hosting provider could be easy or difficult depending on the type of your website.

If the Web Site you want to move is without databases you should take following steps:
sign up with the new web hosting provider

1) upload your web site files to your new hosting account
2) go to your domain name registrar and point your domain to servers of your new host. Typically you should enter names of the 2 nameservers of your new hosting company and save. Now your domain should be pointed to your new host. It usually takes up to 24 to 48 hours for a nameserver change to propagate on the net. If you bought your domain from your previous hosting company then you may have to contact them to do it.
3) Once the nameservers have updated you should cancel your hosting account with the old host

To cancel your account, you need to send in a ticket to your host\'s support requesting the account to be cancelled. Be sure that you have all of your files and data backed up.
You should now have your site hosted by your new host and your old company account canceled.
If the Web Site you want to move uses databases you should take following steps:
sign up with the new hosting provider
backup your database, get it and store it on your PC. This way you ensure that no database information is lost. Upload your web site to the new hosting account. Create a database with the same name as your old database and the restore it using the backup file go to your domain name registrar and point your domain to servers of your new host. Typically you should enter names of the 2 nameservers of your new hosting company and save. Now your domain should be pointed to your new host. It usually takes up to 48 hours for a nameserver change to propagate on the net. If you bought your domain from your previous hosting company then you may have to contact them to do it
we recommend to temporarily stop your web site until the nameservers update. This will prevent data to be written to the database on the site on your previous account
once the nameservers have updated you should cancel your hosting account with the old host

4 Factors in Choosing a Hosting Company

While choosing a web hosting company there are a lot of different factors that should go into your decision making process. The biggest factors should be:

1) Phone support:
Email support is nice, but email occasionally falls in between the virtual cracks. Getting someone on the phone when your site goes down can take a lot of mystery out of the entire process. Cpwebhosting offer toll free support and weekend hours to boot. Phone support is a great benefit for the cpwebhosting client.

2) Another factor to use in deciding whether to use a particular web hosting company is their history. How long has this company been in business? Web hosting companies that have been in existence for less than a year might not be the best choice. A hosting company with a proven track record and a ton of happy clients is certainly a good sign and might work well for you.

3) How about the company's software?
This varies widely between web hosting companies. You will rather fond of Hsphere merely because you are used to it, where the buttons are and what the features do. It's much easier to stick with something you know than switching to a new User Interface. Some web hosts offer FrontPage features and others don't. Another specific area you might want to research is the statistics programs. What sort of web statistics software is included with your web hosting account? Is Awstats included? This is one area you definitely want to heavily research before signing up.

4) Fees:
You have to pay a little more to get all the features than fight it out with a sub par web hosting company who you can't reach if your site goes down. You have found decent web hosting for as cheap as $4 per month but generally pay around $15 per month if you want all the bells and whistles that you'll need to host a larger site. A lot of people worry about hosting fees, but you've had the experience that I generally get what I pay for. Finally, I'd look carefully at the web hosting company's refund policy. Most offers a full refund if you aren't happy with your service. If you are paying for a full year of web hosting up front, you might want to examine the company's refund policy in detail.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Dedicated web hosting server - The Best Option To Choose

Once you will go through this article, you will be sure to identify the benefits of dedicated web hosting service.  The prior benefit of using this form of hosting is that you will be in complete control over your server and therefore can choose the type of operating system and hardware that will handle your web hosting. In addition, dedicated server web hosting serves you to get better Internet connectivity, as well as guarantees that there will be better monitoring as well as certain redundancy measures, will be available.

Dedicated web hosting server = greater security and you can even use your own personal firewall and even if your information is very sensitive you will still be able to protect it better by opting for the dedicated web hosting server for the reason that shared hosting is less safe and sound. Most of the dedicated servers provide custom server options that help in taking care of your online traffic in an efficient way. They give you a specialized service round the clock and accommodate to any urgent needs. They arrange and support your operations to give the most compatible services to your clients. This also reduces the possible downtime increase due to any glitches in a shared network.

Dedicated web hosting means that you do not need to share server resources you are benefited because you can make a decision on which operating system to use and also which hardware is required to ensure smoother and more efficient hosting service. One more option merit considering is that of discount web hosting is particularly suitable for people that have limited financial assets.

The maintenance too can be carried out capably without intrusion when one has a dedicated server. These also provide an efficient use of your resources to improve profitability. The security too does not remain a concern with a dedicated web hosting server as you no longer have to share your resources with a different association. They can actually give fly to your business and help reach it to its peak, possible.

Requiring Managed Server Hosting

A managed server is your own dedicated hosting service that also provides data storage services. In addition, managed servers have their own maintenance and backup systems.

The managed dedicated server is a service that includes the hardware, software, and ongoing upkeep of a dedicated server. The dedicated server industry often bundles additional services and products with the servers to provide a deeper level of management.

Managed Dedicated Server providers employ full-time system administrators that maintain dedicated servers. A managed dedicated server allows for not only more productivity, but eases your mind about a multitude of other issues, sometimes unforeseen by the Client and even the developers working on functions of the dedicated hosting server. Security is a very large factor in choosing not only a Managed dedicated hosting company but also in choosing a managed dedicated Server. Management features include.
  • Software updates
  • Operating system updates
  • Firewall services
  • Backup services
  • Advanced technical support
  • Application deployment
  • Database management
  • Server monitoring and recovery
  • Telephone based support
  • Advanced configurations
  • Control panel software
The biggest reason to choose dedicated server hosting is the bandwidth guarantee. Running out of bandwidth can slow down site access or make it inaccessible.

It is important not to confuse managed servers with dedicated shared servers. Shared servers only lease out a part of their memory space to host the clients' website or websites. Managed servers are solely for their clients; they can use as much of the space as they please. A managed server affords the client the maximum amount of resources for the best allocation of their time and energy.

Needless to say, managed servers are only best for medium to large businesses. If you only have a small personal website, you probably do not need a managed server unless you are very worried about possible downtime. This is not a baseless concern, but unless you take your personal website and turn it into a business, you will be better off sticking with a smaller hosting service.
The one big advantage of managed servers is that they relieve the clients of having to maintain the servers themselves. As a matter of fact, the company that owns the server basically rents it out to clients, usually on a monthly basis. The company programs the server at the client's request makes any changes and keeps it physically secure.

There are some disadvantages to managed servers, however. The largest disadvantage is the cost. Managed servers cost much more than ordinary hosting accounts. Companies want to recoup the costs of running multiple servers at once, and the most typical method is to charge high prices.

Over the last decade, IT has evolved from a competitive differentiator to a necessity, which explains why many businesses today are investing in it so extensively. As the IT evolution continues to expand at breakneck speed, businesses are increasingly turning to managed hosting solutions to stay ahead of the curve, reduce capital expenditure and allow their internal teams to manage business-critical initiatives instead of focusing on the systems that support them.
Managed server hosting

The biggest advantage to a managed server hosting plan is that you don't have to hire an expensive server administrator to manage your server. You can focus your time managing your business and let the hosting company manage your server.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Shared Hosting for Small websites

Shared hosting, sometimes called shared services or virtual hosting is simply when multiple websites share the same server, thus reducing the cost for everyone.

With a shared hosting account, your site will usually be on a server with hundreds of other web sites. That may sound like a lot, but it usually works out extremely well because most sites don't generate enough traffic or use enough resources for it to become a problem.

Share hosting is suitable for personal sites, small businesses, and even medium sized businesses if their hosting needs fit within the parameters of a small business.

Most shared hosting providers offer substantially more disk space, data transfer, and email accounts than most people or businesses need. If every site used their quota, shared hosting would not work. But since few do, it actually works out quite nicely.

The only real problem with shared hosting is if the web host oversells. Overselling means the host has put too many sites on one server. A good server usually has at least a gigabyte of memory, but if thousands of sites have to fight it out for memory, CPU cycles, and bandwidth, it means all the sites will be slow. Fortunately, any good host will prevent this from becoming a problem in the first place.

The hosting service must include system administration since it is shared by many users; this is a benefit for users who do not want to deal with it, but a hindrance to power users who want more control. In general shared hosting will be inappropriate for users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports. Almost all applications intended to be on a standard web server works fine with a shared web hosting service. But on the other hand, shared hosting is cheaper than other types of hosting such as dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting usually has usage limits and hosting providers should have extensive reliability features in place.

Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control panel system, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere or one of many other control panel products. Most of the large hosting companies use their own custom developed control panel. Control panels and web interfaces can cause controversy, however, since web hosting companies sometimes sell the right to use their control panel system to others. Attempting to recreate the functionality of a specific control panel is common, which leads to many lawsuits over patent infringement.

Shared web hosting can also be done privately by sharing the cost of running a server in a colocation center; this is called cooperative hosting.

Shared hosting is of two types name-based and IP-based

In IP-based virtual hosting, also called dedicated IP hosting, each virtual host has a different IP address. The web server is configured with multiple physical network interfaces or virtual network interfaces on the same physical interface. The web server software uses the IP address the client connects to in order to determine which web site to show the user.

In name-based virtual hosting, also called shared IP hosting, the virtual hosts serve multiple hostnames on a single machine with a single IP address. This is possible because when a web browser requests a resource from a web server using HTTP/1.1 it includes the requested hostname as part of the request. The server uses this information to determine which web site to show the user.
Shared hosting plans are generally the easiest and most economical for personal and small business websites. A lot of e-commerce sites, blogs, professional portfolios, and other small sites are hosted on shared hosting.

Cheap Dedicated Web Hosting

As the name indicates, cheap dedicated web hosting provides one server for each account. Dedicated web hosting is one kind of web hosting where one or more servers are committed to a single client. Web host offers the server for the clients and hence clients acquire those servers for lease. Therefore, web host provides the server machine, connectivity, required software and operating system to run the server. This type of hosting enables users with the freedom of choosing their own software. Hence, customers who have outgrown their shared hosting limits and still require more, preferably for this service. In fact, it is very flexible as the server administration is provided by the web host. With this hosting option, one can gain the benefits like reliability, flexibility, total control and security without having to work for it.

The most important factor related to dedicated servers is Security, and server security can be customized with the help of software or branded hardware firewall. Absolute server privileges enable the user to make any changes in terms of service that run within your dedicated server.
Dedicated Server hosting is represented as a supreme selection of servers. Every individual server is logged by developed grade infrastructure which has an ensured maximum uptime. Some dedicated server providers comprise of service level agreement which is related to network uptime. 100& uptime guaranteed network is offered by some providers, whereas, the usual uptime is given between 99-100% for the best quality provider.
cheap dedicated web hosting

Types of Dedicated Servers: Dedicated hosting are classified into two categories
  1. Managed dedicated server hosting
  2. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting

Characteristics of dedicated web hosting

  1. Server Privacy: When a dedicated server is purchased, a private server with a dedicated IP address is provided, whereas, other hosting type’s shares the server with many websites. This creates an option of violating privacy and an unsecured position.
  2. Advanced Support: The best support for websites is offered by dedicated web hosting. A lot of administrative barriers is certainly faced with online businesses. In those case, dedicated hosting helps to overcome such difficulties with proficient support. Round-the-clock service provided by dedicated hosting fix the problems at any time encountered in the system.
  3. Server management: Access granted to customize server control panel such as rebooting and upgrading request.

Cheap Dedicated web hosting services allow a business to obtain fast, reliable and low-cost internet hosting, supported by top server hardware. Server reboot and hardware replacement in the case of failure are offered by certain companies. Furthermore, there are some top cheap dedicated web hosting providers that offer 24/7 monitoring service for checking the network available on the server. Before registering with a hosting company, it is very important to plan for the required budget and what is needed to be effective in the selected website. While doing own e-commerce sites or other sites that receive a large amount of traffic, then it will be more compatible and economical in the long run to utilize dedicated server hosting.

The benefits of Dedicated web hosting services:-

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Dedicated hosting environment
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Flexibility
  • 99.5% network uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Speed performance
Dedicated web hosting has an entire benefit that suits and satisfies the online business owner’s expectations. Though, it is expensive when compared to other hosting plans, to make an effective and efficient display of business worldwide, try to make out with a good choice of hosting plan which can be of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

In web hosting business dedicated server is also known as dedicated server web hosting.

Dedicated server web hosting provides maximum control, flexibility, and responsibility. In this type of web hosting the entire server is your own. You're not sharing it with anyone else. This allows for full use of all of the server's resources and performance, yet that does come at a cost. Dedicated server web Hosting is more expensive than standard shared hosting. This type of web hosting is perfect for larger sites or those sites that simply need the reliability and performance, 100% of the time.

Dedicated servers, of course, come in all different configurations, as well as managed servers vs unmanaged servers. With Managed servers, the hosting company will handle all server administration (at a larger cost), whereas with unmanaged servers you will need to be well versed in those tasks.
A dedicated server web hosting includes an operating system a web server, related software and connection to the Internet, all housed in the web hosting company's data centers. Dedicated server web hosting is typically required for a web site or a group of related company sites that develop a substantial amount of traffic. The server can usually be configured and operated remotely from the host company while still allowing for client customization. A dedicated server can be assigned to function only as a resource server and cannot be used as a client. It is important to note that the server is owned by the web host and you do not have physical access to it.

Dedicated server web hosting is beneficial while developing a complex business or a high-end e-commerce site as you will need more space and security - a web server dedicated to your business. It is purchased by a company when they want more control of their server. They purchase or rent the hardware from the hosting company who then normally support and manage it. Internet connectivity is provided to the server. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data-centers, similar to colocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. The financial benefit with cheap dedicated server hosting is huge: large initial investments are not needed.

If you are looking for a cheap dedicated server web hosting, you should be careful when comparing packages. Things to consider are an operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support. Ask the hosting providers to give you a few websites for references, read hosting reviews and be sure that the price is affordable before you sign up.