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Monday, 24 October 2016

E-stores and on-line presence for business

Ecommerce Hosting is a website hosting service which is used to meet the needs of an electronic shopping website or better known as an online shop. An individual can find out several e-commerce web hosting providers when he searches via a search engine. E-commerce sites help an individual to shop for various products online at any time. There are many eCommerce webs hosting service providers are available & is quite difficult to choose & go for right one.
It is quite difficult but is possible to select one which furnishes all facilities according to the need of an individual. What an individual needs to search an e-commerce web hosting service which is best for him according to his requirement which is different for each person. One of the best ways to select a right eCommerce web hosting company is to search for its reviews.

Through reviews of any business, a person can find out which e-commerce web hosting provider is not able to resolve their customer's problems & which can, since support from eCommerce web hosting providers is a must to have. They should not go to sleep after selling their services & best way to find out is to search reviews.

How to find out Reviews for an eCommerce Web Hosting Providers

First of all, an individual should decide that what are his needs for an e-commerce web store. Once he has done that which makes it simple for him to search for an eCommerce web hosting provider because he knows what he wants from it. Next step is to make budget he can afford for hosting an eCommerce website. According to that budget, he can search for an e-commerce web hosting provider.

Next step, search for different e-commerce web hosting service provider which are fulfilling his requirements. Maybe there are hosting service providers who are not meeting his all the needs then he needs to select one which is satisfying most of the requirements which are a must. After completing all these steps now, an individual should check the reviews of the web hosting company he had selected for his e-commerce web store.

How to Verify an eCommerce Website through Reviews

After selecting a web hosting service for eCommerce website, an individual can check company's services he had chosen through its reviews. Customers can tell & consider a company legitimately no one else can do that in a better way. There are many websites available online which are helping an individual to select a right e-commerce web hosting company using customer’s reviews. On the internet site of the business itself, its customer review present but while going through those reviews, an individual needs to be careful as these reviews can be fake. A person needs to interrogate legitimately before opting for any company. Attentiveness & carefully selecting an e-commerce web hosting while buying can only save him from any fraud.


Although selecting an eCommerce hosting company through its reviews is a good decision but an individual can not take a decision which totally depends on reviews. There are websites which are providing genuine reviews about various e-commerce web hosting companies, but at the same time, there are sites which are giving fake reviews about different companies, usually purchased one.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Operating a Web presence can become very involved once a company’s hosting requirements progress beyond simply needing a dedicated server. Managed services normally provide equipment procurement, provisioning and installation, and network monitoring and management backed by Service Level Agreement. Managed services also provide end-to-end network management and maintenance support for locations around the world.

Think of a managed server as a glorified dedicated server armed with extended features and support. A managed server come equipped with the features one would expect from a dedicated provider, including choice of OS, routing equipment, network connectivity and complete administrative control.

However, instead of leaving most of the administrative tasks to the customer, a managed provider typically handle that as well. Many companies often assign you a dedicated service representative who cater only to you and a handful of other accounts. This support also comes in the form of proprietary control panel technology that enables the new administrator to set up and maintain sites on a server easily. It is achieved through an intuitive and user-friendly point and click method rather than by typing complex commands at a prompt line. 

Many hosting companies offer a supplementary suite of features and services that related to managed hosting, including application and database management, high-availability services and load balancing. Most reputable Web hosting firms offer managed Web hosting services, and will back up their services with performance guarantees and Service Level Agreements. If you are unsure about which service to choose, give serious consideration to selecting a managed server. While taking the managed route is more expensive, it is also much more reassuring for the new administrator.

Managed hosting is a type of dedicated hosting, which gives you access to a dedicated server that is maintained and optimized by the web hosting provider at all times. Fully managed web hosting services are ideal in comparison to unmanaged hosting services because they eliminate the need to perform administrative duties within your web hosting control panel.

The services of a managed host are advised to be taken especially when the image and prestige of the company are dependent on their web site. Taking up solid hosting plans reduces the worries of a business owner as all the management issues professionally and efficiently looked after by the managed host.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Web Online Trends

If you look at the history of the online world, the one thing that strikes the most is that is changes so rapidly. It is getting updated and refreshed every minute. The software used today become redundant. As the scenario changes, so should the methods of your online marketing. You need to constantly update your strategy and introduce innovations in it to grab the attention of the potential customer. To make your online business grow there are some trends of today that you just cannot ignore and use them to market your product or service effectively. Some of these are listed below:

 online trends web

Content Marketing

This trend of content marketing has been gaining popularity because it tends to target an audience that is interested in your product and not randomly anybody. Based on the principle that when a company has a service to offer or product, then it should first educate its customers about that product and facts related to it. What companies do is that post blogs or articles on various forums and try to deliver useful information to the customer. If the client finds the information useful, he is sure to buy the product too. When you educate your customers, they pay you back with their loyalty with your business.

Social Media

There is no better way to express yourself to a targeted audience, than doing so on Social Media. Today everybody uses the social media, and they express their requirements and interests there. You can attract the attention of the potential customers by your posts or ads over there. You can use the advertising opportunities available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media websites to market your product very efficiently.

Go Mobile

The number of smartphone users today is around 1.75 billion, and this number is exponentially growing. You miss the benefit gained from it by using a mobile site too. Also, you can have a suitable app for your company and product. All those people who use their smartphone for surfing and probably shopping, able to get to you if you have a mobile ready site in place. People find it convenient to surf the web on the go using their cell phones. You do not want to miss that opportunity.

Be Visual

It is a well-known fact that the human brain is most affected by what it sees rather than what it hears or smells or touches. So make your marketing strategy colorful and include many pictures in it. There are any number of image sharing sites today like Pinterest and Instagram, and they have shown that if you throw in something interesting and appealing to the eye, you have the attention of the customer. It is essential that when you submit a write-up or a blog post, sprinkled with some nice, relevant and meaningful pictures. You are sure to fetch more customers in that way.

Video Marketing

Everybody of us has some particular video or video message stuck to our mind somehow. Some videos make us think each time we watch them, others make us laugh or cry. However, a nicely made meaningful video speaks volumes and affects people. Use this power of video marketing. If you can successfully create a video that conveys the essence of your product in a powerful way you hit a home run, believe me.

You can see that by taking care of the online trends mentioned above, you can be a winner as far as effective online marketing goes!

Content Delivery Network

What is CDN and why you should use one?

When you have a website, and you want to improve the user experience by providing high availability and high performance, then you have to go ahead and start using Content Delivery Network or CDN. Your business website is meant to perform well everywhere in the world and to ensure that and to redefine its performance level, and CDNs do a great job.

content delivery network
First, let us understand what it is? CDNs are a system where a large number of servers located at different strategic locations around the globe, are connected to each other. All these servers are capable of providing the content of your website to the potential user. So when a customer clicks your site he served with the site content from one of the multiple servers which have a site on them. This particular server which is geographically located nearest to the visitor. When a visitor receives your website content from a server near him instead of a server located may be half way across the globe, his experience is better. For real visitors' experience, it is recommended to have as many servers as possible in the CDN, the more, the merrier!

Advantages of using Content Delivery Networks

When you use CDN, your reliability increases. Also, it becomes less susceptible to hanging because of heavy traffic on a server. It becomes difficult for those who are there to harm your website by hacking it. It is simple, when someone needs to have a look at your site, he gets to do so from the server nearest to him, this is quick, reliable and clean. Some other inherent benefits would be: 
  • Your ranking in search engine results gets a boost
  • the load on your hosting reduced
  • Your customers are happy!
  • Minimized possibility of a downtime
  • Improved SEO Rankings

When search engines like Google assign a rank to a website, they take some criterions in consideration. One of these criteria is the speed at which the web pages of your site load. When there is a website which has a very high speed of loading its web pages, it gets a plus point, and its ranking improves on the result page. If you use CDN for your website, it is sure to boost the web page loading speed and your site loads in minimum time. That gets you improved ranking in search results. When a site appears in the first few pages of the search results of any search engine, it get more visitors and hence more business.

Customer Satisfaction
Remember that frustration that creeps in when the plate set in front of you on the dining table but the food is taking ages in coming. It is the same feeling that a visitor gets when he clicks on the website and the content takes forever to get loaded. It simply drives them away to other faster loading websites. It is essential to keep the website loading speed very high if you want to retain visitors and satisfy them. Using CDN  ensures that your visitor feels happy clicking your site name.

Less load on Hosting

There is a possibility at a given time there are many visitors who want to check out your website. Leads to a high surge of traffic, which might be problematic for your hosting and it might not be able to serve your website quickly to everybody. However, if you are using CDN this problem is resolved, and all the content of your website reaches the visitor quickly, including audio and video files too.

These benefits clearly show that by using CDN you ensure that the visitors that come clicking are happy and get converted into customers and do come back for more business. Also, you get the benefit of publicity by word of mouth. The quality of surfing experience of the visitor on your website improves as does your SEO ranking. CDNs are meant to do a lot of good!

Joomla Hosting

joomla hosting
Joomla has been passed by web experts as a very powerful and yet very easy to use content management system. Joomla is open source and is user-friendly and has proved to be useful in building big websites with extensive customization. It can do plenty of specific tasks that other tools could not do effectively by providing many options to developers. Because of its popularity amongst all kinds of developers making all kinds of big and small websites, Joomla hosting provided by almost all the web hosting companies.

Advanced Joomla Platform

With the Advanced and Updated Joomla platform, available things have become even easier and comprehensive. You can now have Joomla Hosting plans as per your requirements and smoothly get your website on track just the way you want it to, this offers many advantages.
  • Compatible: Works fine on any server having Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  •  Increased compatibility: When Joomla 1.0 introduced, it was good, but it had some bugs which required fixing. Now that Joomla 3.0 version has come out, we need not worry about those bugs anymore as they got fixed. Also, there are no compatibility issues with Joomla. If your server has Apache, PHP, and MySQL, Joomla works just fine.
  •  Superior Backend: With the latest changes that made in Joomla visibly become more commercial. An addition of templates has become easier now that the rear end screen has been totally rejuvenated to give you an excellent experience and complete satisfaction. It has become more convenient to control and administer the website with the updated version of Joomla.
  •  Availability of Native templates: Introduction of up-to-date and advanced versions of Joomla does not mean that now it can be used by techies only who are familiar with technical details or have extensive expertise.  Newbie just starting can also use the work as there are native templates available in the latest version of Joomla too. It is not at all complex and can be used to develop simplest of the sites too. Moreover, yet there are options available within Joomla to give a very professional look to your website. That gives Joomla a huge advantage.
  •  Mobile friendly: Bootstrap framework available to make the website mobile friendly i.e. website opens fine on any mobile, Tabs or Desktop PC.
  •  Mobile Ready: An increasing trend of smartphones witnessed in recent times, and with ever increasing the number of cell phone users it is vital that any business website has an option available which is mobile ready. Everybody is looking for a CMS that has the possibility of providing users a site that is mobile ready and also it provides suitable tools to the administrator. Now that Joomla has adopted bootstrap framework it has joined the league of those major cms which are mobile ready. Now the user has not any problem in browsing the website on a mobile or a tab or a simple desktop PC. Joomla is ready for it.
  •  Plenty of plugins: As compared to other CMSs Joomla way more plugins and components. There is much functionality within Joomla, and thus it requires fewer plugins. When building a good website, there are few plugins that are critical and one needs them like URL plugin. Most of these are available with Joomla, and there is no reason to look at the third party for extra plugin.
  •  Support: Hundreds of techies available on Joomla Communities also online tutorials available at 'Joomla.org.'
  • Support: When you are using Joomla you can never get stuck with a problem because of the phenomenal online support is available. There are hundreds of communities that supply endless useful tips and tricks. There is no dearth of suggestions when you need one. Also, Joomla.org provides online tutorials to help out.
Thus we see that the new and updated Joomla has a long way to go and is an excellent option for all sorts of websites!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Best PHP hosting service SME's

As per the market demand, every business needs to appear on the web before or after the inauguration of their physical office. The online appearance will not only increase their product visibility, but it also enhances the awareness of their targeted customer group.

However, the thing is that the hosting place, where you are going to host your website, must provide all the needed and required facilities that make the owner independent.

Well, in the market two types of hosting services are running parallel, first is free web hosting and the other one paid hosting service. Both are providing hosting services, but there are some differences in both like:

php web hosting services-by cpwebhosting

The storage of a free hosting server is limited, whereas paid hosting servers are providing unlimited hosting space for their users. The hosting space allows you to host MBs or GBs size websites with lots of images and videos and other heavy content. 

The free hosting servers cannot upgrade your site with the latest technologies whereas paid hosting servers allow you to upgrade your technology to the most recent available version. 

The domain names of an internet site on free hosting servers contain the name of that server like www.abc.cpwebhosting.com Whereas the paid hosting servers allow you to host your website on your personalized domain name like www.abc.com
Best Bargain Hosting Provider

There are various companies which are providing discounts on hosting features. However, before going through, you must check the standards of services and features provided by them. In such cluster, top 5 best bargain hosting provider companies are GoDaddy, FatCow, HostGator, HostMoster, and BlueHost.

Best for beginners

It is not true that a discounted hosting service is best for the beginners. The beginner needs to be exposed through their website in the targeted market and for that they can pay according to the services and satisfaction. Top best firms that suit for beginners can list as Bluehost, HostGator, Justhost, HostMoster, and IXWebHosting.

Best for advanced

The best hosting provider companies for the advanced that can fulfill the demands of their existing business includes companies like IPage, Justhost, BlueHost, FatCow, and 1&1.

Best for e-commerce

The term ecommerce reveals or denotes to a complete online shopping place where you can choose and purchase your desired item. Thus, it needs faster and more featured hosting service that suits with its requirements and fulfill its needs. The best e-commerce hosting service or top 5 e-commerce hosting providers can count as Inmotion, Bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster, and A2Hosting.

According to the survey results and the facts, we can see that some companies named for all purposes, either it is Bargain hosting or hosting for beginners or hosting for advanced services or e-commerce hosting. 
These hosting providers are:
  • BlueHost:  A well reputed hosting provider that offers their unbelievable hosting services in just $3.95/month. In this package, it offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, SSL security and several other features that required for most of the purposes. 
  • HostGator:   Same as Bluehost, HostGator also offers their hosting services in just $3.96/month including 24/7 customer support, Lots of choices for web templates (around 4,500), 99.9% uptime guarantee, 1 click script install and much more. In addition to it, HostGator obliges their advance customers with SSL Secure Layer. 
  • HostMonster:  A web hosting company tries to create their value in between their targeted audience, and HostMonster is one of them who get success in it. They provide their unbeatable hosting services since 1996 without any negative feedback. Currently, HostMonster offers their unmatched customer support, secure backup, maximum guaranteed uptime, free domain and various ad credits for facebook, twitter, google&bing/Yahoo in just $4.95/month. 
  • JustHost:  They commit an affordable and reliable web hosting for all and offers their web hosting services at discounted price, $3.50/month. They offer all essential and required features like unlimited-bandwidth, hosting, uptime, customer support and free ad credits, in inclusion with a secure layer for e-commerce users.
  • Fatcow: An emerging web hosting company that shows their frontier characteristics through their unbeatable services like free ad credits, unlimited essential features including mailbox, CMS support, a free business listing on YP.com and most uniquely, they offer nextiva service for a toll-free phone number.

cPanel Backup & Restore

cpanel backup restore
Online economic activity is undertaken to earn a profit and to maintain its continuity, full backups, and timely restoration as needed are crucial. Also, when, there is need to change the hosting company, or change of website from one server to another, backups are important.
If you are using cPanel , first you need to backup your site and then restore it to the destination server. Therefore, the entire process can be broken down into two steps. Let’s discuss each of them separately:

cPanel Backup

Restore cPanel WHM user or single domain Backup through a command line.
Backup in cPanel:
Select Backup starting from the first page
Choose “Full Backup” from the second page
Select a destination folder where you want to backup your files.

  • You can save the files to three different destinations:
  • You can store the files to the root directory of your server
  • You can save the files to a remote machine using FTP or SCP
  • You can download the files to your local computer
Enter an email address in the mentioned field. Once the backup process completed, notified through an email.

Click on “    Generate Backup    ” button.
If you wish to download the backup files to your computer, you can do so by clicking the filename under “Backups Available for Download”.

The files backed-up contain the date of backup in MM-DD-YYYY format. The files converted into a compressed folder with .tar.gz format. You can access these files through SSH or file manager.
Restoring From Backup

Restoring the files from backup is quite similar to uploading the files to the server. To do this, you need to transfer the archive file to the destination server in the /home folder. Transferring through SCP is easiest and quickest. Alternatively, you can use the following command to transfer the files:

#scp filename user@ipaddress:/home

If you do not have access to both SSC servers, to transfer the files manually through a file manager. For this, the files stored in the public_html directory of your website.

Once the archive file fully transferred to the /home folder, you can run following commands to locate the files:

cd /home
/scripts/restorepkg username

Configuring the changes:

Browse your website, Once the restore is done. However, there are instances when you face some errors. Here are some of the common errors you may face and that need to be configured:

     if you receive a error like “Error establishing a database connection” or “Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: 'db_username@localhost' (Using password: YES) in /home/username/public_html/includes/db.php on line 19” “Unable to connect to database server!”, Your website fails to communicate with the database due to wrong account credentials. To resolve this issue, reconfigure your website database and assign a database username. To do this, follow these steps:

Login to your cPanel account and click "MySQL Database."
Scroll down to MySQL Users -> NewUser
Enter any username and password twice, and click “  Create User  ” button

This will create a new user, but you still need to assign it to the database. In the same area, a section called “ Add User To Database ”. Choose the username you have created from the drop-down. Then select the name of your database and click the “   Submit    ” button. If you are not sure about the database name, skip the step for now.

Now you need to configure the database. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to the configuration file and select “ Edit  .”
Search the code for the database name. You see something like this:

define('DB_NAME', 'db_name');
define('DB_USER', 'db_username');
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_user_password');
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

The database name contains your new cPanel name in first part. Change the first section before the underscore and leave everything else unchanged.

Set the database username and password.
 Save  the file.

You complete the cPanel backup and restore . You have successfully transferred your website from one server to another.